Pedal Inflator Single Barrel Cylinder Inflation Air Foot Pump with High-Pressure Gauge for Motorcycles, Bicycle Tyre, Tires Car

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  • Easy To Store Bicycle Pump With Gauge Folds Flat For Convenient Storage After Use And Comes With Ball Adapter And Universal Adapter.
  • Quick release thumb lock valve. Comes with free special adapters for bicycles and inflatable toys.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USES: Ideal for cars, motorcycles, electric bicycles, also for sports equipment and inflatables, like bicycles, balls, basketball, footballs, pool toys, etc.(adapters are included)
  • Easy To Use Just Step On The Lever Of The Floor Pump With Gauge To Start The Flow Of Air! Way Better Than Annoying Hand Air Pumps!
  • EASY TO USE: Equipped with an accurate and easy-to-read pressure gauge, so you can clearly know the pressure. Just step on the lever of the floor pump with pressure gauge to start the flow of air, save time and effort

Product description

 Foot pump Air foot pump Novel Style car | Bike | Bicycle.(Assorted Color) Description These are new designed multi purpose Barrel inflator foot pumps. These are the high pressured pumps are operated by foot to inflate inner-tubes and tyres. These are most likely suitable for use on cars, bikes, balls and for much more other inflatable good. These pumps have clearly visible pressure gauge to recognise the pressure level. Inflates up to 100 lbs per square inch of pressure. Latest design, Heavy duty, compact, easy to use and including with various adaptors. It is available in single or double barrel, so choose according to your requirements single or double barrel foot pump form option above. Instructions for use: Open the small hook on the upper and lower shelves first, then place it on the flat ground. Clamp the pliers of the air belt to the air nozzle of the car. Then step on the middle of the pedal, the upper and lower pedals begin to inflate. The first time to inflate the first hand to test whether it is sufficient, if sufficient, look at the position of the pressure gauge pointer, then press the position of the pressure pointer Often inject 2-3 drops of oil into the small hole of the gas cap to extend the life of the piston Package Include: 1 x Foot Pump 2 x Valves

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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